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Proper Maintenance of Various Plumbing Valves

Various plumbing valves, such as gas valves, can be incredibly effective in a wide range of industries. Like all types of valves, they are responsible for controlling the flow rate of fluids. While every component, including these valves, has a limited lifespan, knowing how to properly maintain them is crucial for extending their life. If you intend to maintain and prolong the life of your plumbing valves, including radiator valves, this article is for you.

Key Points for Proper Maintenance of Plumbing Valves

Metal plumbing valves, including gas valves, can be susceptible to environmental factors such as corrosion, decay, and rust. These valves are used to transport various fluids, often at high temperatures, which can be corrosive or acidic, impacting the valves. Proper maintenance can prevent these damages and significantly extend their lifespan.

Factors such as sunlight exposure, high environmental humidity, high fluid temperatures, and impurities in the fluids can impact the useful life of these valves, especially if they are made of metal. Various measures, such as sanding metal surfaces, painting valves, and lubrication, are important for the proper maintenance of metal and brass valves, which will be fully discussed in this article.

Proper Use of Sealing Greases for Plumbing Valves

One of the maintenance methods for plumbing valves is sealing them properly. Sealing and lubricating greases can be oil-based and serve as insulating and lubricating materials. When choosing sealing greases, it’s crucial to pay attention to the type of grease. Industrial greases may degrade under the influence of oil and gas flow and detach from the surface. However, greases specifically designed for sealing valves will not be damaged by petroleum substances.

Lubrication of Plumbing Valves

Each type of plumbing valve should allow the flow to pass through it effectively. Failure to lubricate these valves timely can degrade their quality and cause significant damage. Friction between different parts of the valves can be high, which could lead to damage.

Experts and specialists should regularly perform lubrication of the plumbing valves. Typically, lubrication should be done after every 10 cycles of operation. After each opening and closing of a valve, lubrication is necessary. The valve should be fully lubricated in both the body and the moving parts.

Sanding of Metal Surfaces of Valves

An important point in the proper maintenance of plumbing valves is sanding their metal surfaces. In fact, the metal surfaces of the valve bodies and other parts that are prone to early wear should be sanded to increase their resistance to wear.

Painting Industrial Valves

One of the simplest and most important actions that can be taken for the proper maintenance of industrial valves is painting their surfaces. Industrial valves in contact with air humidity can be very vulnerable. Therefore, painting them not only increases their resistance but also enhances their performance.

Reducing Environmental Erosion

Environmental erosion factors, such as sunlight and humidity, can be minimized. To reduce environmental erosion, appropriate shades can be used. Additionally, considering industrial fans in enclosed spaces can prevent plumbing valves from encountering humidity.

Keep Chemicals Away from Rubber Parts of Valves

The rubber parts of plumbing valves, like those of long and short hose valves, are highly susceptible to damage. In environments where corrosive and acidic substances are present, these chemical substances must be kept away from the rubber parts of the valves to prevent damage.

Proper Storage of Plumbing Valves

One of the most important actions that customers must take after purchasing various plumbing valves is to store them appropriately. There may be a gap between the purchase and the use of the product, and in such cases, only proper storage of the valves will increase their durability.

Valves for long-term storage should be kept semi-open. Also, storing these valves out of direct sunlight is essential. If plumbing valves are stored in cold weather, they must be kept dry to prevent freezing. The internal shaft of the valve should also be positioned vertically. If possible, it is best to cover the valve with a waterproof cover, such as plastic.

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In this article, we discussed the proper maintenance of various plumbing valves. Besides the information provided, it is essential to start with the highest quality valves to maximize the lifespan of both industrial and plumbing valves. Choosing a reputable store for purchasing industrial valves is crucial.

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